Latest Hiking Trips

  • Klosters 2014
    Graubünden 0

    Jägglisch Horn

    From the Train Station Klosters Dorf you walk a short distance to the Cable car Station that brings you to the Madrisa Station at around 1800m. At the ...

    On November 9, 2014 / By
  • Piz Nair Valley
    Graubünden 0

    Piz Nair

    Last Month after a really long rain spell, I needed some sunshine. The forecast said that in the south of the alps would be my best bet. The Travel ...

    On September 21, 2014 / By
  • 2014-06_Alpthal
    Hiking 0

    Alpthal Brunni

    The last weekend I had visits from Germany. The requested a trip to the mountains and I wanted to go somewhere nice, probably to Graubünden. But with a ...

    On February 10, 2014 / By

Latest Travel Trips

  • New York 2014
    City 0

    New York the third

    Two years since my last trip to the big apple. On this third trip to the New York my sister and mother came with me. I really looked ...

    On February 1, 2014 / By
  • LA
    3 Month Trip 2013 0

    Being lazy

    Not sure what to write here… So since the US Government did the partial shutdown and then the near chaos of the debt ceiling. In that time I spend ...

    On October 18, 2013 / By
  • Utah
    3 Month Trip 2013 0

    Impressions of Utah part #02

    In consideration of the shutdown, here are my last impressions of Utah. Places visited: Escalante Staircase, Bryce Canyon and Zion. I loved Zion and I really didn’t spend ...

    On October 1, 2013 / By


  • 2014-07_Solar
    Gear 0

    Solar Panel from SIStech

    “ATON“ 5V / 5W This is the Solar Panel that I have used properly since last year. I’ve tested the Solar Card “Anton” last year on my one ...

    On March 23, 2014 / By
  • Mighty Wallet
    Gear 1

    Mighty Wallet modified

    Last year I was looking for a new wallet. The one I used until then was chunky and made of leather. I was looking for something smaller and ...

    On January 10, 2014 / By
  • Map
    Gear 2

    Four days to go… sort of

    I have two work days left and then I am officially on unpaid leave until I begin work again in November. As you can see on the Picture ...

    On July 29, 2013 / By

This and That

  • Liebster Award
    General 3

    Liebster Award

    It has been quiet on this blog, I could list some excuses but I won’t. Just that in the last 2 month I spent a lot of my ...

    On May 18, 2014 / By
  • Desire
    General 0

    What do you desire?

    Alan Watts: What do you desire? from Omer K. F. on Vimeo. What do you desire? An important question, no matter where you stand in your life. Good ...

    On January 3, 2014 / By
  • New Year
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    Goals for 2014

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully you had a great Christmas break with family and friends and a good start in 2014. The Christmas and New Year fell in such ...

    On January 2, 2014 / By