Hiking in Japan
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Hiking in Japan

My Job is not fancy, my position is not fancy. It is an ordinary Job, well it’s my opinion anyway, but this Job let’s me save money, it let’s me travel to places that I want to go and one of the most important points, it let’s me take time off.
In 2013 the company I work for gave me 3 month of unpaid leave.
This year I have 1 month of unpaid and 2 weeks paid leave. Last time I really wanted to hike the John Muir Trail and some other amazing national parks in the US.

For this trip?


It will not be my first time in Japan. My first time in Japan was 9 years ago, with the Swiss Kendo Team. We went to practice at the International Budo University before the Word Championship in Taipei, Taiwan.

This was with the entire team, half of them could speak Japanese so that really wasn’t a problem. This time on my own.

My main goal for this trip is to do a 5 day backpacking trip in the Southern Alps and another 5 day trip in the Northern Alps. In between or towards the end add Mt. Fuji. The two planned routes are from the Lonely Planet Hiking in Japan Book. They are both hut to hut hikes with options to stay in a tent (which I will do). The huts are just really expensive, and with the tent, I have the hope that I will get better sleep (less snoring).

This is the hiking part, then there is of course the usual sightseeing. I have an itinerary but I am not sure how much I will stick to it or change it. The only thing for certain ist that I will spend 1 week in Tokyo, and I really look forward to that. Last time we where there for less than 2 days, which I think is just not enough time.


Jorge with a hand drawn map of Honshu

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